TurnIng dreams Into realIty...

Melis Bilen
How creating a fascinating social image and brand identity allowed this singer
to boosted her music career and made the dream come true.

Melis Bilen is a UK-based Turkish-born singer, songwriter, and dancer. 4-octave coloratura soprano vocal
Melis Bilen is classically trained by the well-known Turkish opera singer, voice instructor, TV Host, and
writer Nilgun Serimoglu. Melis can sing in 9 languages in a wide range of musicalstyles such as pop,
RnB, jazz, and opera. Melis was invited to Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 by Swiss Tv SRF with her own 5
songs and went through the finals of the National Elections of Switzerland.

Melis, a phenomenally talented singer, came to That’s Me! to better express her creativity and authentic
style, to serve as an example to those looking for meaning and feeling in their lives.

As That’s Me!, we decided “Talent-Up Programme” is perfect for Melis Bilen and we immediately started
implementing the program for strengthening her image and social reputation.

START : That’s Me! Talent-Up Programme

Melis is an extremely talented and accomplished singer who has every right to want to be seen and heard more:

Creating a brand identity that will better represent her
Creating a brand image that will allow her to be seen and admired more
Adjusting her social media strategy to reflect her new brand image

Melis gained the visibility she desired within 6 months, was able to inspire a larger number of people, and her personal image and social reputation improved.

Decıde the brand ıdentıty that you want to be known for.

Melis is a beautiful woman and singer with a lot of success. She has a lot of potentials to impress people at first glance,
but she needs consistency in her personal identity. People can tell who you are just by hearing your name, so choose an identity for which you want to be known.

We decided on her personal brand characteristics and mottos for each of these attributes.

Melis's lifestyle and goals were perfectly aligned with the characteristics of Authenticity, Creativity, and Enthusiasm.
She lives her life in her own way and forges her own path. She also enjoys the creative process and is always excited about what life has in store for her.

It will be easier to demonstrate what you stand for if you have a brand message. Melis is a singer and composer who is constantly pursuing her dreams, hence her message is "Turning dreams into reality."

Your personal ımage carrıes your reputatıon.

Melis is a fashionable woman, but if you want to convey a message solely through your appearance,
you must carefully select your image.

As That’s Me!, we worked on 3 different categories of the personal images to represent Melis the way she wants to be seen. We created a segmentation of clothes, accessories, and makeup for her casual image, stylish image, and performer image.

Her photographs are just as important as what she wears because photos are how you convey your brand image in the digital world. Colorful places, historic buildings, sunlight&sunshine, portrait/Energy+Naturalness, the Colors of Nature, and winter photoshoots were all featured in our catalog.

To be successful,
you must delıver your brand message correctly.

Melis can deliver her messages to large crowds at concerts, but she must use the most effective tactics to reach more people through digital platforms.

As That’s Me!, we defined the most effective channels that will benefit Melis, so she can focus on them. Her Google Search, Website, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are among these digital channels.

After deciding on the channels, we renovated her profiles with best practices.

Then we compiled an extensive list of examples for her to use on Instagram, YouTube, her website, and LinkedIn. Finally, Melis needed to start using some of the quality standards in social media in order to be sustainable, so we created a to-do list and tactics for these platforms.

After totally renewing Melis’s social media image and assisting her in making better use of the platforms, she had:

Increased her Instagram followers by more than 150%
Her content impressions increased approximately by 45% monthly
The average reactions to posts was 85% more than before
Her LinkedIn profile received 120% more connection requests from industry professionals.
She received more concert invitations than ever before.
She became a more visible public figure.

“I am highly impressed by Billur's amazing work for my social media profiles and branding analysis.
How she approaches personal branding is completely technical and professional, everything make sense.
She starts with analysing who you are, categorizing your archetype and setting up the best plan that really suits your character and strengths while polishing and highlig hting your authenticity. What she did for me in only 2-3 weeks time is remarkable amd incredible. She has the perfect team to give brands best solutions, especially personal brands. I highly recommend her services.”

- Melis Bilen

Showcase your talent wıth your Personal Brand:
become a publıc fıgure

Your personal brand is an important part of showing your talent and becoming a public figure. It becomes your portfolio, your voice, and your image. You can be seen more and respected more with a great personal brand.

That’s Me! provided personalized service to Melis so that she can showcase her talent and become a more respected public figure on digital channels. She became more known for her talent. Her image represents her better, she has more reputation, and she inspires more people.

Start makıng an ımpact wıth your Personal Brand now!

Marketing is never spending, it’s an investment and personal branding is the strongest and maybe the only marketing tool you need. If you are considering showing what makes you unique and special, That’s Me! recommends you to not waste your time.

Talented and stunning stars like Melis is a proof of the importance of personal branding. She can showcase her talent perfectly now and can achieve more by hustling less.

The greatest marketing tool with the most powerful impact is closer than you think:

a Strong Personal Brand