Who Are We?



As the pioneers of the digital world who believe in individuality, we are the creators of more than 100 brands on social media and hunters of global awards.

From the beginning until today, we´ve been carrying the concept of ´brand´ from products to people. We focus entirely on creating and developing people´s personal brands.

Instead of getting lost in a world of competition, we believe in the power of UNIQUE personal brands. We´re passionate about creating and developing personal brands for everyone- because we believe everyone has a unique story to tell.


Why Us?

With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and communication, we provide our clients with unique branding by integrating specialist-proven working models. 

We provide personal brand management from a qualified and experienced specialist team, social media experts, content writers, designers, and software developers. We also provide support for personal brands from photographers and image consultants. 

At That´s Me! PBA, we offer and manage all the consultancy you need for your personal brand to succeed and impact the world.

We focus on your brand, allowing you to focus 100% on your business.

How Do We Work?

At That´s Me! PBA we know your time is precious.

The second you say, ´let´s get started!´, we´re ready to work. We lead the entire process with analysis, creativity, experience, and a passion for the future.

And we don´t consider any project ´done´ until your digital identity is established and carrying itself forward.

What Do We Focus On?

We focus on presenting your authentic identity through the power of your story and on everything that you want to share with others in the most impactful way.

We put all of our branding efforts into action to establish you as one of the well-known figures in your sector, to increase your influence, and to make a difference with your brand value.


Why Personal Brand?

Builds Trust In Your Target Audience
Differentiates From Competitors
Builds Reputation
Creates a Network
Makes a Media Presence Easy
Provides Different Career Opportunities And Potential Income Increase
Strengthens Professional Positioning
Increases The Brand Value Of Your Broader Corporate Company
Yet another superpower of personal brands!



Creator & Founder

My mission is to help people become personal brands that are discoverable, shareable, and memorable- whatever their industry or passion.

Senior executives who want to grow their company´s reputation, entrepreneurs meeting with investors, businesspeople focused on their goals, experts in their field who want to make a difference, artists who want to inspire the world with their talent, and of course- those social media creators who show up virtually every day to let the world know ´I´m here!´ and are ready to grow and extend their reach.

I am committed to reaching all of the people above and helping them have more visibility, influence, and opportunities to stand out in a digital world.

When I look at the statistics and the needs of people in a new age, the chaos of the competitive world, and the emphasis on digital individuality, I see creating a personal brand as the only way forward.

 As Turkey´s first personal brand agency, That´s Me! PBA is growing and expanding into the universe with a dedicated, hard-working, enthusiastic team of professionals who are passionate about working with personal brands.