Kaan Gunay
How thorough analysis of his digital image and advice on how to improve
it allowed this entrepreneur to bring more investment into his business.

Kaan Günay is the Founder & CEO of Firefly, America based car advertising company. He earned
a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University (MBA). Despite his youth, his
accomplishments are undeniable.

Kaan approached us to help him improve his social image as CEO on digital channels. He desired to
establish an online presence that bolstered Kaan Gunay's credentials, to establish a strong presence
with fresh content on his expertise, and to have a solid reputation.

As That's Me!, we determined that the "Social CEO Programme" is a perfect fit for Kaan Günay, and the
program's implementation has begun to improve Kaan's social image.

Carryıng out Google-focused socıal ımage analysıs

Kaan is a successful young entrepreneur with a lot of potential, so his social image is crucial for his
future business opportunities.

We started by analyzing his existing image. We analyzed all 152 contents created between April 2017 and
April 2019 across all platforms, including Google, Yandex, Wikipedia, Wiki in Turkey,
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to name a few.

After our experts reviewed the content, we compiled a list of each platform's strengths and weaknesses.
We shared these lists with Kaan and began working on solutions to weaknesses.

We ensured that every flaw was eradicated by providing detailed information about each platform solution.
First and foremost, we performed a thorough Google cleanup that will mislead investors. Then, to improve his social image as CEO, we created perfect recommendations and advice lists. These suggested strategic actions improved his social standing as a CEO.

Best practıces produce
the most effıcıent results.

The next step was to help Kaan use social media more effectively than he had previously. Based on our specialists' years of experience and our know-how database, we devised the ideal approach for him.

To-do lists were created for each platform. We also gave him content ideas that will help him build his reputation. Each platform's to-do list included at least seven pieces of advice.

Kaan's social presence has improved as a result of the analysis and directions of That's Me!. He now employs the strategies we discussed and has a solid social reputation as CEO.

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a Strong Personal Brand