Focus on beıng ınnovatıve and people-orıented
ın the fıeld of fınance

Gokhan Ozturk
How a clear brand identity and a digitally oriented personal brand approach helped this finance director stand out from the crowd and advance his career.

Gökhan Öztürk has 20 years of finance expertise in various sectors as well as biopharma. His current
job is being Finance Director at Gilead Sciences which is a member of the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index
and the S&P 500 company with $27 billion annual revenue and 14.400 employees. He also has
working experience in companies like Nike, Nestle, Safetykleen, Eli Lilly and Company, and Teva.
Gökhan Öztürk is a proven name in the financial industry.

The reason behind Gökhan working with That’s Me! was because he wanted to be more visible as an
industry leader, so he could transfer his knowledge and experience in finance, management, and
investment. He was also caring about his company and wanted to get talented candidates more
interested in his company.

As That’s Me!, we decided “Connected Leader Programme” is perfect for Gökhan Öztürk and we
immediately started implementing the program for strengthening his digital leadership.

START : THAT’S Me! Connected Leader Progr

Gökhan has a really successful career and he deserves to be seen as a leader so we worked on his digital appearance to reflect the image he earned:

Deciding the best digital platforms for Gökhan Öztürk to increase his digital presence
Created and refined personal brand identity for better representation
Multiple pieces of content were created for various social media platforms to highlight his expertise in
finance, management, and investment.

Within 5 months, Gökhan was recognized as a leader and an expert within the industries he is interested in, his credibility increased, and he was able to represent his company more effectively.

Your best Ideas wIll only be effectIve
If you use the rIght channels.

Gökhan is an industry expert and leader with a wealth of exceptional experiences, ideas, and information; however, in order to effectively transfer these assets, they must be distributed through the proper channels.

We chose the best platforms for Gökhan to express himself and ensured that his brand identity
was consistent across all channels.

Gökhan's best assets for demonstrating his leadership are his website, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, and Facebook. Instagram,, and Google search are used for branding. Gökhan has a lot of valuable information to share however, he also needs to present a good personal image.

If you want to be seen as a leader,
you must perfect your brand ıdentıty posıtıonıng.

If Gökhan wants to be seen as a leader, his brand identity must be perfectly aligned with his goals. As a result, we determined which brand characteristics will be most beneficial to him.

Gökhan's leadership and ideas were perfectly aligned with the characteristics of Innovative, People-Oriented, and Analytical. He approaches to finance in a people-oriented, innovative manner while employing analytical decision-making.

It is impossible to demonstrate your leadership without a brand message. Gökhan is a well-known
financial industry leader with an innovative people-oriented approach. So, “Focus on being innovative
and people-oriented in the field of finance”
perfectly aligns with him, and we chose it as the brand mission and message.

“ Focus on being innovative and people-oriented
in the field of finance ”

As previously stated, Gökhan had a lot to say to his audience, but it's important to remember that on social media, choosing the right audience is more important than making posts, because even great content isn't enough. The uninterested audience will not even look at it.

As That’s Me!, we defined Gökhan’s first target audience as leaders who are also interested in finance, economy, and investment. The target audience includes leaders such as board members, C-level executives, and human resources directors. These people want to get the right information, and Gökhan can provide it.

For the second target audience, we decided on people who will be inspired by Gökhan and his career. People such as; new graduates in finance, who wants to be CFOs, and finance experts. Gökhan has had such a successful career and can provide these people with a road map.

We created a complete package that included everything from brand color selection to a network/following recommendation list. This package included a complete renovation of social media profiles, profile picture selection, cover creation, summary preparation, a to-do list for social media, and much more.

After totally renewing Gökhan's social media profiles and assisting him in making better use of the platforms, he had:

He was invited to speak at Clubhouse events.
He was asked to speak at online gatherings.
He rose to prominence within the company and became an industry leader.
His career accelerated faster than ever before.

“If you’re looking for a great resource to dive into digital world, find your own and transformational journey and keep up to learn the stories of today’s successful communications, Billur Ertugrul (Creator & Founder of That’s Me!) is where you should be allocating your time and working with.”

- Gokhan Ozturk

How you delIvered the content Is just
as Important as what you created.

After finishing the profile renovations, we moved on to the next phase, posting. We made posts for Gökhan so that he could express himself more effectively and clearly. The posts were adjusted to use social media practices because Gökhan can express his ideas, but we wanted these contents to reach the target audience.

Gökhan is a successful man with many talents, and he deserves to be a leader in his field. We created 1 article and 6 posts per month on average for LinkedIn to demonstrate his ability to lead people and begin his thought leadership. Perfect hashtags were found and used, and perfect captions were written to match his personal brand. The articles and posts received 300% more views than before.

Each month, we also wrote one article for Gökhan's Medium account and tweeted 35 times for him on Twitter. The accounts evolved into a new medium for communicating the message.

Prove your leadershIp wIth your personal brand:
Let It talk for you.

Online channels are more important than ever in years. It becomes your microphone, your voice, and your words. You can deliver your message and become an industry leader but first, you need to position yourself correctly on the platforms.

That’s Me! provided personalized service to Gökhan so that he can showcase his leadership and become an industry leader in digital channels. He became more known for his industry knowledge and leadership. His voice is more strong, he is more credible, and he represents his company in the best way.

Start makIng an Impact with your Personal Brand now!

Marketing is never spending, it’s an investment and personal branding is the strongest and maybe the only marketing tool you need. If you are considering showing what makes you unique and special, That’s Me! recommends you to not waste your time.

A skillful and capable leader like Gökhan is proof of the importance of personal branding. He can showcase his leadership perfectly now and can achieve more by hustling less.

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a Strong Personal Brand