Taking the time to develop a solid, accurate and reliable personal brand helps you become known for what you´re good at, distinct you from your colleagues and positions you as an expert. Let´s start with a few questions you have to ask yourself about whether you can build credibility with your personal brand. What message does your personal brand reflect right now? Or do you transfer expertise, trust and credibility to your audience? Have you occupied a place in the minds of your potential clients?

When people or followers in your sector see you as a credible person and expert in your field, they start to ask themselves why you are the best choice among all the other companies or brands that are your competitors.

Now let´s review our 5 tips to help you develop a strategic plan and improve the reliability of your personal brand.


1. Practice on Issues You Recommend

Keeping all communication with your followers and customers truly and honestly will help you build credibility through your personal brand.

To build credibility in a personal brand, you first need to be honest. If you´re not willing to act as you speak and as you deliver messages, you can´t position yourself as a credible leader. Make a habit of running your personal life and business in the same way.


2. Take The Power Of Social Media Seriously!

Social media is of great importance in these days when we are exposed to changing communication trends, easy accessibility and intense information flow. The use of social media by marketers and personal brand experts, which enables you to reach large audiences and make effective decisions as a leader in your sector, has become the focus of brand reliability and raising online awareness. Just being on social media isn´t enough to build credibility. There are a few things to keep in mind to build a reliable bond with your followers:

  • Get in front of your followers on all channels and constantly post content.
  • Create a website and share well-researched, in-depth and informative blog posts. Share this content with your followers on your social media accounts.
  • Include guest writers or speakers who are experts in their field on your website.
  • Prioritize consistent images across all your social channels to show you´re consistent in your brand. Including your profile photo.
  • Interact with your followers, answer specific questions. Listen to their needs, always respond quickly.


3. Must-have: The Ability to be a good speaker and to make good presentations

No matter what sector you are engaged in, there comes a time when you have to speak out in front of people. Personal brand owners should be experts in the art of public speaking, teaching and sharing their expertise with the world.

To be good at speaking or making presentation in front of your audience, the first thing you need to do is practice. To do this, join and observe around events and conversations in your immediate vicinity and quickly get started as a speaker.

Low-risk opportunities enable you improving.

Whether you are an enthusiastic speaker or have not yet made public speech at all, it is still very important that you create credibility. You should make it a regular habit to speak in front of your audience.

If you´re not ready to step into the stage world, consider running a podcast or being a guest speaker. It´s also a way to introduce you to other people in your sector and get the audience to know you.


4. Create Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are many factors to consider when you create a strategic content marketing plan, but the most important thing to remember is the content that you are passionate, you are so proud and really a bigger issue that you´ve resolved. The best way to build credibility over time is to deliver top-of-the-line products, content, information, and superior customer connectivity. Sharing quality content in a consistent and strategic way will attract more people as you adopt a clear and direct sales strategy for your personal brand.

A few ways to market your content effectively:

  • Record informative "how to?" videos.
  • Publish concept creator blog posts.
  • Prepare and share info graphics specific to your field.
  • Share exclusive news articles on the agenda.
  • Prepare detailed eBooks.

Remember, sharing your well-formed, well-researched thoughts and predictions on topics related to your audience allows you to increase your brand credibility and show your followers why they should trust you.

If one of your customers is struggling with a particular problem, possibly others will also experience this.

Using customer and customer references in your content marketing strategy is another definite way to influence your credibility and reliability with your audience. For example, ask your previous customers if they want to make a short reference video for you. Highlight their experiences with you on your social media accounts, website and videos. This tactic helps your potential followers eliminate their fears about you.


5. Remember, It´s Your Job To Share What You Know.

There is no better way to ensure the credibility of your personal brand than to introduce your expertise, leadership to the world and teach something useful when creating sincere environments for your followers to get to know you.

Teaching a classroom or workshop may sound a bit spooky, but in reality many people and communities in your local community enjoy hearing what you want to teach. To be able to serve the world on a better level, you have to be open to starting from the smallest part at the very beginning. But if teaching things in front of people is daunting for you, if you want to move your message beyond a small group or meetings, you can try creating an online course. This is a great way to develop your own community that follows your knowledge, expertise and methodologies and then promises expert credibility.