Be posıtıve and be confıdent.
Be kınd to one another, on and offlıne.

Alizee Paradis

How creating a clear brand identity and personal brand focused
on social media approach allowed this influencer to be more noticeable
than ever before with her authentic personality.

Alizee Paradis is a woman with versatile talents. She is a retired professional tennis player and D1
athlete with a Master's degree in Finance (4.0 GPA), a runway model and influencer, an Amazon Live
Creator, and owns an online business. As you can see, she has demonstrated her abilities in a variety
of fields and has numerous success stories.

Alizee came to That's Me! in 2022 with no issues with her real-life image but was having trouble
reflecting on her true self online. She was eager to share her positive viewpoints and ideas.

As That’s Me!, we were more than ready to assist Alizee in developing a digital identity that
accurately represented her authenticity. We began implementing the “Influencer-Up Programme”
as soon as possible.


Alizee already had an appealing lifestyle, but we needed to work on her social media strategy and brand positioning to give her
the best possible representation:

For better representation, the personal brand identity was created and refined.
Content creation for a variety of social media platforms
Social media strategies tailored to each platform

Within 3 months, Alizee's personal brand character was marked within the industries she is interested in, her credibility increased, and she became more recognizable as a result of growing her personal brand awareness.

Your personal brand ıdentıty ıs the cornerstone of who you are
and what you represent.

You must correctly position your personal brand in order to better represent yourself. To successfully position Alizee’s personal brand we determined her brand characteristics.

Alizee's lifestyle and ideas were completely in sync with Positive, Authentic, and Passionate traits. She is extremely upbeat and enjoys spreading happiness throughout the world. Her passion is undeniable, as evidenced by her life story. She enjoys and excels at everything she does.

Without a brand message, it is impossible to express your ideas. Alizee is an influencer, and her main goal is to influence people to be positive. So, “Be positive and be confident. Be kind to one another, on and offline.” decided with mutual talks.

“ Be positive and be confident.
Be kind to one another, on and offline. ”


At some point Alizee made the decision to alter her brand identity as an NFT influencer. Why? Because she can, after all.
Whoever she wants to be, she can be. Our mission at That’s Me! is to assist people in transforming themselves and transferring
their identities to the digital realm.

We created an entirely new digital strategy, a new brand voice, and a new image for her all within the span of one week that focuses on futurism.

Her new color tones are darker, and her appearance is edgier. Her brand voice is more hyped-up but also informative. She openly expresses her interest in the NFT and Metaverse worlds. She attends virtual events and posts more information about NFT news, digital fashion, and NFT artworks.

She desired to be perceived differently, so we did our best to allow her to represent herself as she desired.

The possibilities opened up for Alizee after she underwent a personal branding journey with That's Me! PBA:

Received brand collaboration offers.
Received requests to speak on events where her area of expertise, NFTs - Blockchain - Web 3.0, was discussed on LinkedIn.
▪ Networked with brand managers and ambassadors who later developed into ardent supporters.
Named one of the Top 20 Travel Influencers to Follow on Social Media.

Wıth the correct socıal medıa strategy,
you can even move mountaıns.

Alizee had already taken beautiful photos as an influencer and model, but delivering your content to your audience is impossible without a social media strategy.

As That’s Me!, we defined Alizee’s target audience on Instagram & Tiktok as starting points. Alizee was the ideal fit for young adult females who love fashion and are interested in travel, personal care, and living a healthy lifestyle because she is a lifestyle influencer rather than just a fashion one.

Alizee's target audience on LinkedIn and Twitter is trend-following adult males who are also interested in traveling, smart shopping, and living a healthy lifestyle. When she creates new posts, she addresses this audience as her primary target audience.

That’s Me! recommended Alizee's Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, and Twitter as primary social channels to target her audience. She is giving her undivided attention to the recommended channels.

People who will be inspired by Alizee’s life success and style also will be the most interested in her content.

We made a list of things Alizee should Start doing/Stop doing/Sustain doing. She now understands the best practices for her accounts and is making the most of social media by adhering to the list.

Posting, networking, and interaction strategies are also shared in order for her to achieve the best results. Alizee is now implementing the strategies and tactics, and she has increased her impressions, reaches, engagement, and followers significantly.

Content that ıs properly created can fınd
the rıght audıence on ıts own.

The next step was to identify and begin implementing the strategies. We assisted Alizee in getting some direction for her posts and ensuring that her brand identity matched with her posts. Before creating and beginning to post, we completely updated her profiles with best practices and our know-how database knowledge.

Each month, we created 18 posts and 160 stories for Alizee's Instagram. Perfect hashtags were found and used, and perfect captions were written to match her personal brand. Her posts following That's Me! received 115% more impressions and 100% more interactions in a short period of time.

Alizee is a capable woman who deserves to be recognized for her authenticity in her field. We created two articles and ten posts per month for LinkedIn to demonstrate her competency to others. The articles and posts received approximately 45% more impressions and 30% more engagements on a monthly basis.

In addition to other channels, we tweeted 60 tweets and 15 TikTok videos per month.

“ I love your company so far! Always beautiful work 🖤” -Alizee Paradis

Your personal brand ıs your bıggest ınvestment
and busıness asset.

Social media is one of the most important parts of your personal brand.
It becomes your microphone, your voice, and your words.
You can deliver your message with many content types but you need to know how.

That’s Me! provided personalized service to Alizee so that she could reflect her real life on the digital.
She became better known for her uniqueness.
Her voice is more strong, she is more influential, and her credibility is higher than ever.

Start makıng an ımpact wıth your Personal Brand now!

Marketing is never spending, it’s an investment and personal branding is the strongest and maybe the only marketing tool you need.
If you are considering showing what makes you unique and special, That’s Me! recommends you to not waste your time.

A strong and influential woman like Alizee is proof of the importance of personal branding. She can showcase her specialty perfectly now and can achieve more with hustling less.

The greatest marketing tool with the most powerful impact is closer than you think:

a Strong Personal Brand