Matchıng you wıth your dream home

A.Dee Saylam
How creating an elegant and inspirational brand identity allowed this
real estate agent to become an industry leader and well-known realtor in New Jersey

Aysegul Dee Saylam is a New Jersey realtor with over two decades of experience in real estate and
a background in high-end tourism spanning four continents. She graduated from a world-renowned
Swiss hospitality school with a bachelor's degree in hospitality management and a master's degree in
international hospitality management from L'Ecole Hôtelière de Glion. She is the managing partner of
Saylam Suites in Kaş, Turkey.

Aysegul came to That's Me! to show what distinguishes her in both her personal and professional life.
She is a wonderful and honest person, but she was having trouble transitioning her identity to digital.

As That’s Me!, we determined that the "Talent-Up Programme" is a good fit for Aysegul Dee Saylam, and
we began implementing it right away to improve her image and position her as an industry leader.

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Aysegul's strongest qualities are her industry knowledge and honesty. She should be seen in the industry and
be able to demonstrate her talent:

Defining the brand identity that will represent her better
Creating a brand image that will allow her to inspire more people
Completely redesigning digital channels and incorporating new strategies and content

Within a month, Aysegul was able to inspire more people, gain the visibility she desired, and improve her social standing.

Your brand IdentIty Is a reflectIon of your personalIty.

Aysegul is a successful businesswoman and real estate agent. She has a strong work ethic as well as an uplifting personality. We didn't just focus on her job and use her personal brand to sell houses. Our goal is to show what makes her unique.

We decided on her personal brand attributes and mottos for each of these characteristics.

Aysegul's objectives and personality were exactly in line with those of the Honest, Inspirational, and Elegant traits. She is an inspiration to many as she is successful, honest, and lives an elegant life.

The message of your brand should reflect who you are. Aysegul's way of life is based on certain ideals. She wants to help people find the house of their dreams. For this reason, her brand motto is "Matching you with your dream home."

People perceIve your personalIty based on your personal Image.

Aysegul is a very elegant woman, but if you want to send a message through your appearance, you must carefully choose your image.

As That's Me!, We created a mood board for photoshoots and developed a style for her. You can dress well, but your style must be properly transferred to digital channels via photos.

Your brand message must be properly communIcated
for It to be successful.

Aysegul already has a large network and a strong voice in the real world, but using the right digital strategy is critical.

As That’s Me!, Me!, we identified the most beneficial channels that will assist Aysegul so she could focus on them. Among other digital platforms, she mostly uses Google Search, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

Once we had chosen the channels, we renovated her profiles according to best practices.

Then, using our expertise and 15 years of experience, we created content and began managing the accounts.

In just 3 months after a complete makeover of Aysegul's social media persona and management of the accounts, she had:

Increased followers by 1321% on Instagram
Increased reach by 1770% on Instagram
Increased content interaction 110% on Instagram
Increased accounts engaged 157% on Instagram
Increased followers 299% on LinkedIn
Increased post impression 235% on LinkedIn
Got into the top 1% industry ranking on LinkedIn
She named as one of the Top New Jersey Real Estate Agents on Social Media.

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become an Industry leader

To demonstrate your knowledge and establish yourself as an industry leader, it's crucial to build your personal brand. It becomes your portfolio, your voice, and your image. A strong personal brand can help you become more recognized and valued.

That’s Me! provided personalized service to Aysegul so she could display her expertise and gain greater respect as an industry leader on digital channels. Her personality and expertise grew in popularity. She is more respected, her image better represents who she is, and more people are inspired by her.

Start makIng an Impact wIth your Personal Brand now!

Marketing is never spending, it’s an investment and personal branding is the strongest and maybe the only marketing tool you need.
If you are considering showing what makes you unique and special, That’s Me! recommends you to not waste your time.

Aysegul, a talented and inspiring businesswoman, illustrates the importance of personal branding. She can showcase her expertise
perfectly now and can achieve more by hustling less.

The greatest marketing tool with the most powerful impact is closer than you think:

a Strong Personal Brand